“If you pay attention, you’ll see that every morning you wake up with a song in your head. You know, like there’s a jukebox in your head.”
Aunt Pauline and Uncle Jack

“Now here I am, still in love with the idea of God, but having no God to love.”
Mike, ex-seminarian

“If he’s drafted, I’d send my son off to war, but I’d pray angels around him and God to protect him.”
Cousin Jackie

“As gay men in the South we’re at the bottom of the food chain. We’re lower than blacks, Hispanics, women. We’re even lower than black women.”
Cousin Jack

“I consider myself a liberal, now just let me think of some liberal things.”
Cousin Tim

“Isn’t sex the best thing God ever invented?”
Cousin Paula

“Being a leftist means living a sinful life because leftists don’t believe in God.”
Cousin Don

“My parents have worked all of their lives to be in poverty.”
Cousin Billy Jo

“When I was a child, God was scary. Fire and brimstone every week. Yeah, I felt the love of God alright.”
Cousin Kevin

“I used to be afraid of Satan, the red, scaly, bifurcated-tongued Satan. Now I’m scared of the followers.”
Cousin Boone

“Maybe Bush got tired of watching television, that’s why he decided to go to war.”
Cousin Thomas, 16 years old

“Lyndon Johnson said when the Civil Rights Bill passed, the South would be written off for a generation. And he was right.”
Mike, ex-seminarian